RECENTLY, Nicola Sturgeon suggested that Caledonia, Highland Cathedral or Flower of Scotland would make for ideal national anthems in an independent Scotland. 

We put out a poll on Twitter for you, our readers to weigh in. Over 10,000 of you voted - and the results are in. Highland Cathedral came third, scooping a respectful 14.3% of the vote.

Next in came Caledonia, with 31.4% of those polled going for the Scottish classic. Which means that Flower of Scotland won the poll, representing a whopping 54.3% of the votes cast.

Alongside the votes in our poll, many of you had some of your own suggestions for national anthems beyond the three selected - we thought we’d showcase just a few of our favourites.

Sunshine on Leith - The Proclaimers

Craig Reid of The Proclaimers stated that this was the best song he’s ever written, and it is clear that many hold this classic in similar regard. This enduring 80s tune would make for an uplifting anthem - and would definitely make a Hibs fan or two happy.

In a Big Country - Big Country

Another 80s classic making the list, “In a Big Country” was Scottish rock band Big Country’s breakout hit. This feel-good anthem would be an apt choice for those long winter day ... as the lyrics go: “I can live and breathe and see the sun in the wintertime."

Believe - Cher

Could the “goddess of pop” herself have unwittingly penned Scotland’s next national anthem? Believe really captures what Scotland is all about - and just imagine how it would sound on bagpipes. Iconic.

Wild Mountain Thyme

A traditional folk song that holds a special place in the hearts of many young and old, Wild Mountain Thyme is one of those songs that holds the power to truly bring people together. Covered by many musicians over the years, this enduring classic was a favourite with many - and it is clear to see why.

Pencil Full of Lead - Paolo Nutini

Is there really anyone in Scotland who doesn’t love a bit of Paolo? A more contemporary choice on our list, we think this ode celebrating the simple joys of life would make for a great national anthem for Scotland.