WHEN he’s not hiding in the bushes behind Meghan Markle’s house, former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has to find other ways to fill his time.

In recent years, he has carved out a niche for himself by sitting at home in his pants and telling women to be better.

He blocked me on Twitter a few years ago. I hadn’t been abusive or even particularly rude. He was berating the young women in the band Little Mix for wearing skimpy outfits. So I reminded him of the time he got naked for a Burger King advert.

But that’s Morgan’s thing nowadays. He picks a target – more often than not a woman of colour – and uses his vast platform to deride and belittle them. His fixation with his one-sided ‘“feud” with Meghan Markle is creepy and obsessive.

It takes a lot for a well-connected white man to become unemployable in the media industry but Morgan seems intent on succeeding.

He embodies none of the virtue or talent he demands of others. He sees nothing wrong with accusing Meghan Markle of seeking publicity when he spends his days spewing out bile in a bid for relevance.

What is it about successful women that mediocre men like Piers Morgan find so distasteful?

The National:

Olympian Simone Biles is the best in the world at what she does. Morgan isn’t even the best in the world at monetising a state of perpetual outrage. The American is the greatest gymnast of all time but now he is angry at her for being a ‘’quitter’’.

In a column for the Daily Mail, Morgan accused Biles of letting down her country and herself. He wondered what had become of the “cocky” athlete he had interviewed a few years previously. He described Biles as radiating “so much self-confidence I thought she might self-combust on set”.

Morgan insisted he likes athletes to be “cocky little devils’’ but I’m not so sure.

He seems like the kind of man that would pay a woman a compliment and then tell her she’s “up herself” when she accepts it with thanks, rather than self-deprecation. In his column, he correctly acknowledged Biles as “the greatest gymnast of all time” but went on to talk about her "giant ego’’ when she describes herself as the “head star” of her field.

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Morgan feeling qualified to comment on the egos of others is as absurd as Donald Trump giving a TED Talk on how to live up to the responsibilities that come with high office.

Most women could only dream of being as self-assured as Morgan. He stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain because he couldn’t handle his colleague having a different opinion from him, but criticises Biles for apparently not having the mental fortitude to win the Olympic medals she was expected to.

I have no insight into what it takes to become a world-class athlete. I didn’t make it past week one of Couch to 5K and, after a year of lockdown snacking, my sports bra no longer fits.

But I’d imagine that to get to that level you need to be tough. Physically, yes, but mentally too.

In recent days there has been talk about the “twisties” which Biles is said to be suffering from. It’s a condition that impacts a gymnast’s spatial awareness and, as you can imagine, it makes competing more difficult and immeasurably more dangerous.

Morgan seemed determined to project all of his favourite buzzwords on to the superstar athlete. Why look for nuance and understanding when you can just scream about the weakness and wokeness of the snowflake generation?

Biles didn’t get where she is through luck, or a reliance on her natural talent alone. She knows what it takes to win and knows that her body and mind need to be working in sync in order to succeed. She doesn’t need a pep talk from Mr Anti-Motivator Morgan or anybody else.

And speaking of unsolicited advice, Morgan wasn’t the only one at it this week. Lord Digby Jones tweeted to complain that BBC presenter Alex Scott “spoils a good presentational job on the BBC Olympics Team with her very noticeable inability to pronounce her ‘g’s at the end of a word”.

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He posted: “Competitors are NOT taking part, Alex, in the fencin, rowin, boxin, kayakin, weightliftin & swimmin’.”

In response, the former footballer said she was proud of her accent and urged young people to not let “judgments about your class, accents or appearance hold you back”.

Jones hit the headlines in 2017 after it was revealed he had claimed more than £15,000 in House of Lords expenses during a time where he didn’t speak in any debates or ask any questions.

Maybe if he spent more time workin’ and less time claimin’ he might find something more productive to do with his time than moanin’ and whingin’.

I’d like to offer Lord Jones and Morgan some unsolicited advice.

Get a hobby.

It will help you resist the temptation to project your own insecurities and inadequacies on women whose star shines far brighter than your own.