The Repair Shop BBC2, 6.45pm

IF you have a treasured family heirloom that you are worried will not remain in one piece long enough to be passed down to the next generation, this is the show for you, as Jay Blades and his team get to work restoring much-loved items. In the first episode of the new series, Steven Fletcher works his magic on a watch with an extraordinary story. Its owner, Ron, has come all the way from the Netherlands to seek Steve’s expertise, but this isn’t the timepiece’s first remarkable journey.

Jamie Cooks Italy, Channel 4, 8.30pm

NEW series. Jamie Oliver and his friend, mentor and fellow chef Gennaro Contaldo explore traditional Italian home cooking, beginning by visiting the Aeolian Islands to track down undiscovered recipes untouched by time. Ninety-three-year-old caper farmer Franchina teaches Jamie how to cook stuffed squid, inspiring his grilled squid and zingy caper salsa.

Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1, 9pm

CRIMINAL law barrister and TV judge Robert Rinder follows the story of his Holocaust survivor grandfather, hearing first-hand testimony of the horror of Nazi forced-labour camps as well as of the hope offered by a new life at Lake Windermere. Robert also investigates the dark mystery surrounding his great-grandfather, which leads him to a small town in Latvia, where he uncovers a story that will ultimately, he hopes, lay family ghosts to rest.

Bollywood: The World’s Biggest Film Industry, BBC2, 9pm

PART one of two. Anita Rani explores the world of Indian cinema, revealing the extraordinary stories and secrets behind an industry that employs more than a quarter of a million people. She begins her journey in Mumbai – the home of Bollywood – where the stars tower over the city on enormous murals. Anita discovers just how important the movies are to everyday people.