Inventing the Impossible: The Big Life Fix, BBC2, 8pm
POLLYANNA, now 12 years old, lost a leg in an accident when she was two. She dreams of being a ballerina – but her false leg does not allow her to go up on to her toes. Yusuf Mohammed takes up the challenge to build her a new prosthetic with the required movement in the foot. Akram Hussein tries to come up with a solution for a 73-year-old deaf man whose nerve endings are too damaged to have a hearing aid, and materials expert Zoe Laughlin helps a man who is paralysed from the chest down find a way of cooking for his family.

George Clarke’s Old House, New Home, C4, 8pm
THE architect heads to Broadstairs, Kent, where he meets Mark and Natalie. Over the centuries, their 300-year-old house has been a school and a sea captain’s home, while its time as a retirement community has left it with quirky features, including a row of three toilets. For inspiration on how to refurb the place, George visits one of the UK’s most exotic Georgian homes – the Royal Pavillion in Brighton. The presenter also views a 1930s bungalow in south London, with a ground-floor footprint half the size of a badminton court.

The New Wife, C5, 9pm
BREAKING up is hard to do, especially when there are kids involved. But could moving back in with your ex actually help make the process more amicable? This one-off documentary introduces Donna and her partner Matt, who hasn’t been allowed to see his daughter Isabella for six months. They are hoping to resolve the situation by moving in with Matt’s ex Ashleigh for a week. The experiment doesn’t get off to the most promising start, until Ashleigh and Donna bond ...

Keeping Faith, BBC1, 9pm
SHAKEN by the break-in at her home, Faith buries herself in work and takes on the case of an elderly farmer caught in a dispute with a ruthless landowner. Steve’s growing closeness to Faith begins to attract suspicions from Terry, Arthur receives a mysterious package, Dr Alpay names a price for information about Evan and Faith receives a disturbing visit from Gael Reardon. Thriller about a lawyer’s search for her missing husband.