Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes, STV, 8pm
THE presenter turns his attention to Great Ormond Street Hospital. It’s been at the forefront of paediatric care for decades, and continues to be praised for its standards and the lengths its staff will go to keep their patients healthy and happy. In the opening episode O’Grady meets Mackenzie, a 13-year-old who hopes a plastic surgeon will be able to create him a new ear, while siblings Emily and Luke tell of living with cystic fibrosis.

The Real Marigold Hotel, BBC1, 9pm
SELINA Scott, Susan George, Stephanie Beacham, Ian and Janette Tough, Syd Little, Peter Dean, Bob Champion and Stanley Johnson embrace life in Udaipur in India. They receive a grand invitation from the Maharanah and are invited to mingle with Udaipur’s high society at the City Palace, ending the week with a trip to the northern state of the Punjab to visit one of India’s most spectacular and holiest cities and the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco, STV, 9pm
AS Iris struggles with husband Marcus’s imminent deployment overseas, she and the other women delve into the mysterious death of a friend, uncovering a marriage built on deception. Meanwhile, Millie and Jean have lunch with Millie’s cousin Edward, who is also her landlord, and he breaks the news that he intends to evict Millie. Elsewhere, Iris and Hailey attend a dinner party at the suburban home of Lydia, a former Presidio colleague, where an explosive altercation between a guest and her husband catches their attention.

M1: The Motorway That Made Britain, C5, 9pm
NEXT year, the M1 will celebrate its 60th birthday, and Channel 5 is starting the celebrations early with this documentary looking at how the Britain’s first major motorway has transformed the country. En route, it meets Les Barker, one of the M1’s first traffic cops and explains how he did his job in the days when there were no speed limits – in 1964, one car legally hit 185mph. It wasn’t just the vehicles that were fast – the programme also celebrates the engineers who built the London to Birmingham section of the road in just 19 months.