Age Before Beauty, BBC1, 9pm
WHAT Debbie Horsfield doesn’t know about crafting compelling drama isn’t worth knowing. She proved it with hit shows such as Playing the Field and Cutting It; breathed new life into historical drama Poldark, and has now come up with the TV equivalent of an airport page-turner. In the latest offering, Bel hopes Wes’s infidelity will be short-lived and puts a plan in motion to win him back. She books a PT session with Lorelei and is horrified that her rival is young and gorgeous.

Horizon: Jupiter Revealed, BBC2, 11.15pm
THANKS to Nasa’s Juno mission, scientists are starting to peel back the layers of the Jupiter to reveal the wonders within. Professor Kaitlin Kratter reveals how extreme the planet is, with the aid of a quarry and a few rocks, giving some idea of the size of the largest body in the solar system.

Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with Isis, BBC1, 10.45pm
THE hard-hitting BBC3 documentary comes to BBC1 as Stacey Dooley returns to Iraq to meet Shireen, a 23-year-old Yazidi woman who was held as a sex slave for more than two years by Daesh. Shireen escaped, but many women remain in captivity. With Dooley in tow, she makes the brave decision to return to Mosul, Daesh’s self-declared Iraqi capital, to revisit some places where she was held.

The Foreign Doctors Are Coming, Channel 4, 10pm
THE NHS may be looking to recruit doctors from overseas to deal with shortages in the service, but that doesn’t mean that foreign medics can just walk straight into a job. This eye-opening documentary, which was shot over the course of 10 months, reveals just what it takes to work on a British ward as it charts the experiences of doctors from everywhere from Brazil to Egypt. The film reveals that many of them find the training tougher than expected, especially as they are adjusting to a new health system, culture and, in some cases, language while studying for exams. Then there’s the patients, some of whom have much higher expectations than the medics are used to. Can they pass their exams and land a job in the NHS, or will they be left wondering if the money they spent coming to the UK really was a wise investment?