The Great Cheese Chase, BBC One Scotland, 7.30pm
EVERY spring, thousands of people from all over the world converge on the Gloucestershire village of Brockworth – to watch and compete in cheese rolling. This year, there’s a new competitor lining up at the top of super-steep Cooper’s Hill – Inside Out West presenter Seb Choudhury. He has signed up to take part in the terrifying race where 25 people throw themselves down the hill in pursuit of a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese. He finds out more about the race, the cheese and the people who keep it true to its roots.

Who Do You Think You Are?, BBC1, 9pm
RADIO and TV presenter and former JLS singer Marvin Humes delves into his Jamaican and English heritages and finds exceptional stories on both sides of the family. Deep in the Jamaican countryside, Marvin’s discoveries about the lives of his black ancestors during the time of slavery turn his expectations upside down, while back in England he follows the trail of his great-grandfather, who overcame a traumatic childhood to play a part in one of the most dramatic events of the Second World War.

Tower Block Kids, C5, 9pm
THIS is part one of two of a documentary following children growing up in high-rise flats, who explain what it is like for youngsters growing up in tower block communities. Jordan has her first GCSE looming, but sharing a bedroom with younger sister Lexie is not ideal when she needs to revise, while their brothers Harley and Kyron have to deal with antisocial behaviour on the estate which keeps them awake at night. Siblings Blake and Drew are both animal-mad, but the lack of a garden means that they have had to get creative with their choice of pets.

Saving Poundstretcher, C4, 9pm
THIS new documentary series follows Poundworld founder Chris Edwards after he was brought in by Aziz Tayub and his three sons to revive the fortunes of their Poundstretcher chain of discount stores. Chris teams up with middle son Shehzad to streamline the product range but this puts him in immediate conflict with Aziz, who buys a huge variety of unusual products.