MOTD Live: Fifa World Cup 2018, BBC1, 6.30pm

COVERAGE of the opening semi-final match between France and Belgium (kick-off 7pm), which takes place at Saint Petersburg Stadium. The teams face each other tonight just four days after their previous outing, and will hope to have had enough time to recover. Being one match away from the biggest encounter in football can have an effect on the teams, with some rising to the occasion but others freezing under the spotlight, as was evident at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The host nation were placed under a heavy burden of expectation as they faced Germany in the last four, and were brushed aside 7-1.

The Rise and Fall of Nokia, BBC4, 9pm

IN ITS pomp, the Finnish company Nokia not only made the world’s best and most innovative mobile phones, it also boasted an annual budget larger than that of the Government of Finland – and everyone who worked for the company got to share in the windfall. Yet in 2016, phone production in Finland ceased. This documentary explores Nokia’s story, asking if global domination hampered the company’s original pioneering spirit, and hears from some of the people who experienced it.

Horizon: How to Build a Time Machine, BBC2, 9pm

TIME travel is not forbidden by the laws of nature – but to build a time machine, experts need to understand more about those laws and how to subvert them. Cameras follow scientists who are working on the cutting edge of discovery – men and women who may discover how to build wormholes, manipulate entangled photons or build time crystals. In short, enable an engineer of the future to build a machine that allows people to travel in time.

999: What’s Your Emergency?, C4, 9pm

DOCUMENTARY following the emergency services dealing with crimes relating to cannabis. Officers are called by a mother after she is assaulted by her son, who is suspected to be suffering cannabis psychosis.