IT is one of the world’s oldest workers’ festivals and Buddies turned out in their droves for this year’s Sma’ Shot Day parade and Weave Festival in Paisley.

The event stems from a renowned 19th century dispute between the town’s shawl weavers and manufacturers over the workers not being paid for producing the sma’ shot – a fine weft yarn woven into Paisley shawls.

In 1856 an agreement was eventually reached to pay weavers for the work, which triggered the start of this popular, multi-arts festival.

This year the Sma’ Shot parade was inspired by the weavers’ annual holiday trip “doon the watter” which saw Paisley’s town centre transformed into a seaside, complete with a sandy beach and other attractions.

Visitors watched the Sma’ Shot parade and the traditional burning of the cork, along with outdoor performances, which included live music and weaving demonstrations.