Street Food Servants, BBC1, 7.30pm
THE fascinating Our Lives strand continues with this documentary, which was originally broadcast last month in the London area, but can now be seen by the rest of the country. Anita Rani tells the story of one man who has devoted his life to helping the homeless. Randeep Singh started his small charity in Southall, London, with just a handful of volunteers but has transformed it into a sophisticated national task force feeding and clothing thousands of people every week. He is now looking to expand, but that brings a new set of challenges.

The Highland Midwife, C5, 8pm
COMMUNITY midwife Hayley undertakes a journey from the heart of the Highlands to the city hospital, to help with the delivery of mum Rachel’s baby. Meanwhile, in Campbeltown on the west coast, first-time mother Morven is determined to have a local birth and midwife Helen must decide on the safest option for her and the baby, and in Aberdeen, midwife Lydia is assisted by hands-on dad Gordon, who is keen to help deliver his new baby. Narrated by Pam Ferris.

Rich Hall’s Working for the American Dream, BBC4, 9pm
IN his previous BBC4 documentaries, comedian Rich Hall has tackled different aspects of US culture, from depictions of Native Americans and the South to the history of bitter presidential election campaigns. But his new film sees him exploring arguably the biggest subject of all – the American dream. Since the pilgrims arrived on Plymouth Rock, America has been sold as the land of opportunity, where if you work hard, you can succeed. Hall looks at how this ideal has been perpetuated by politicians and artists and asks what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare.

Stath Lets Flats, C4, 10pm
AS he continues to struggle to let any flats, Stath is delighted when his father gives him a garden flat in a desirable area. Thinking that the property will sell itself, Stath only arranges one viewing, but things do not go to plan during the viewing when they see the garden. Meanwhile, Sophie and Al get closer while trying to help Stath with the job. Comedy about an incompetent Greek-Cypriot lettings agent, working for the family business.