OVER their 10 years The Bevvy Sisters have become a recognised home for great singers and songwriters.

And now the harmony soul singers, who have built a devoted and growing fan base in Scotland and further afield, are about to release their third album, entitled This Moment.

Famed for their genre hopping, this record allows the individuality of each vocalist to shine while still retaining the unmistakable trademark Bevvy sound as they share their uncanny musical empathy.

“‘Time is money’ is a saying often heard in the studio setting, and it’s true,” says says Heather Macleod, who along with Gina Rae, Louise Murphy and David Donnelly, makes up the Bevvy Sisters.

“We had 10 years to reflect upon and a new album to record. We didn’t have money but we did have songs, a brilliant producer, studio gear, a beautiful house to make ourselves at home to record in and time to spend.

“We had such a great time making this because we had time. Time afforded us the album we could not have afforded to make in a studio.

“This album unraveled itself to look at, funnily enough, time. We had a multitude of moments around the kitchen table.”

The band will celebrate the launch of the album with a special gig at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall on June 28.