Putin’s Russia with David Dimbleby, BBC 1, 9pm

WHEN the film version of The Hunt For Red October hit cinemas in 1990, the talk of Cold War and defecting Russian sub commanders seemed more dated than disco. It was the era of glasnost and a bright new future for the superpower and the rest of the world. Alas, in recent months there’s been a nagging sense of deja vu for many who remember the darkest days of history. With British Intelligence accusing Vladimir Putin’s government of “criminal thuggery”, this edition of Panorama examines what Russians see in their president. Experts also analyse how Putin has held on to power so long. David Dimbleby talks to a mix of Putin supporters, while detractors reveal the ruthlessness and extent of the Kremlin’s autocratic rule.

Can Science Make Me Perfect? with Alice Roberts, BBC 4, 9pm

THE anatomist embarks on a daring scientific stunt – to re-build her own body from scratch, removing errors left behind by evolution, to create a perfect one. With the help of virtual sculptor Scott Eaton and top special effects model-maker Sangeet Prabhaker, Alice is going to create a life-size model of the perfect human body – to be revealed in front of 150 people at London’s Science Museum.

How to Start an Airline, Channel 4, 10.30pm

DOCUMENTARY following the highs and lows of businessman Kazi Shafiqur Rahman’s journey as he tries to launch a brand new airline in the UK. While working at City Airport in London, Kazi did every job imaginable, from catering to security and cleaning plane toilets. After creating a successful fragrance business, he is now in the position to fulfil his ultimate ambition, but he is also under pressure to meet the demands of his faith and he insists his new airline complies with the teachings of Islam, with modest dress for cabin crew and only halal food served on board.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Preview, BBC 1, 10.45pm

GARY Lineker is joined by Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas to look ahead to the tournament in Russia, assessing the chances of the leading contenders in the 21st staging of the finals. Germany were victorious four years ago in Brazil and are among the leading contenders once again.