The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, STV, 8pm

ACCORDING to a survey a few years ago, Martin Lewis was the most Googled British man. And the financial journalist’s popularity and usefulness show no signs of waning just yet as he returns for a live summer special. The programme features money-saving tips aiming to help consumers cope with the current economic climate. Plus, as this is a summer special, there is bound to be tips for viewers hoping to get the most out of their euros, dollars and zloty, as well as a clarification of data roaming charges, and suggestions if your flight gets delayed.

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies, Channel 5, 8pm

THE QI comedian and actor returns with a new run of the show following the journey of dogs rescued from heartbreaking situations. When a man is caught on CCTV beating one of his dogs, inspector Anthony is quick to act. The animal is soon in safe hands, but it looks like it’s going to be a long time before there’s a happy ending. In Greenwich, a homeless man’s Labrador is suffering from a nasty wound and needs immediate treatment. Thankfully, it looks as though help has arrived just in time.

Ackley Bridge, Channel 4, 8pm

IT’S the day of baby Jamie’s christening and, ashamed of Cory’s lack of interest, Jordan promises to pay for half. However, when the Murgatroyds splash out, Jordan can’t deliver his side of the cash, so he and Cory join forces to get some money together. Alas, a volatile Kevin brings an end to their antics. Meanwhile, Missy finds herself at the mercy of a loan shark, and tries to repay the debt by working at a burger van.

Bride & Prejudice, Channel 4, 9pm

WHEN families disagree with their relative’s choice of partner or beliefs, the results can be explosive, as this series proves. In the latest offering, Jack and Chloe from Aldershot have recently got engaged, but as they are only 20, Chloe’s mum Debra believes they are too young to tie the knot. Cameras also follow Rob, 38, and events manager Simon, 31, from Cambridgeshire. Since coming out six years ago, Rob’s parents have struggled to come to terms with their son’s sexuality.