Springwatch 2018, BBC2, 8pm
CHRIS Packham and Michaela Strachan begin their second week at the base in the National Trust’s Sherborne Park estate in Gloucestershire by catching up on all the weekend’s wildlife action. Iolo Williams joins them this week and there is a report of what happened when he and Michaela tested a golden eagle against a white-tailed one. There will be more updates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Love Island, ITV2, 9pm
IT was one of the most talked about shows of last year, eclipsing long-running reality rivals such as Big Brother, and recently picked up a Bafta. So, expectations are high for this series as presenter Caroline Flack and the show’s not-so-secret weapon, narrator Iain Stirling, return to oversee the antics of a new group of singletons who will be trying to pair off in the sun.

The Space Shuttle: Triumph & Tragedy, C5, 9pm
THE inside story of Nasa’s reusable spacecraft. The first of two programmes recalls how the shuttle pushed technology to new limits as it reached a cruising speed of 17,500mph. In 1983, two years after its maiden space flight, President Ronald Reagan became determined to use the craft to build his Star Wars missile defence shield in space and win the Cold War. However, the project’s costs proving to be far higher than predicted and the later Challenger and Columbia disasters signalled its end.

Versailles, BBC2, 9pm
NEW series. Louis celebrates France’s victory over the Protestant Dutch and their allies by welcoming Leopold of Hungary and his niece Eleanor to Versailles, but the defeated emperor’s own ambitions could have personal consequences for the French king. Madame de Montespan finds a way to hurt a former friend in the king’s prim companion Francois de Maintenon, while Philippe returns a war hero, accompanied by his brother-in-arms Guillaume.

The Queen’s Coronation in Colour, ITV, 9pm
JUST as the fuss over Prince Harry’s wedding began to die down, the Queen celebrated the 65th anniversary of her coronation on Saturday. Alexander Armstrong presents this documentary.