IT was consigned to the charity bin by technological changes before becoming the collector’s medium of choice. Now the vinyl record is given a new spin in an art project by the Edinburgh Collage Collective (ECC).

The Vinylism show includes more than 100 collages from creators around the world, all of which use the familiar black discs as their starting point. Pieces were contributed by makers in countries including Australia, Canada and Peru.

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Set to run at the capital’s Tent Gallery from July 3-14, the project is previewed in a smaller showcase that opened at Edinburgh Central Library yesterday. A collage-making workshop will take place there today and the preliminary exhibition, which continues until May 30, includes a small selection of works created on the theme of “exploring the vinyl record as a basis for making work”. ECC said: “Like collage, the vinyl record is a physical, analogue medium.

“It is both an art object in its own right and a mechanism for expressing ideas. This commonality made it an ideal subject for our project.”

ECC invited collage-makers from beyond Scotland to take part in order to “forge international links with other artists”, which it says is “more important than ever” in the current “social and political climate”.

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The response has been “overwhelming”, with contributed pieces varying widely in style and process. Selected items will be displayed along with work by “some of the finest collagists working today”. ECC added: “Our primary focus is initiating a dialogue around the medium of collage. We want to explore its history as a process, its ability to inspire change and its continuing relevance.

“The digital age has allowed us to forge connections with other collage communities, paving the way for us to share our ideas and process.

"Creative channels are opened and dialogues are formed through small collaborations or larger community projects.

“These initiatives build a network of likeminded artists with a shared passion. We are able to use this virtual digital community to create and assemble a physical collection of collage works which would otherwise never have existed.”