DANTERCEPIES, the February-released track from Edinburgh foursome Redolent, lies emotionally where nervousness meets excitement. Beginning with a sustained, warping chord that sounds like an alarm, the track blossoms into a controlled chaos of tittering beats and synth figures so intricate they seem to flash.

It evokes a scene of emergency service vehicles, their lights glinting in the sun.

“Dantercepies is the name of a massive cable car in Italy,” says Robin Herbert, who started Redolent in 2012 with guitarist brother Danny, bassist Robbie White and drummer Andrew Turnbull. “I used to get anxiety as a kid waiting in them, so the song is about that feeling building up into the release of adrenaline from skiing.”

Like Dantercepies, more recent single Kickhimintheshins is a highly strung meld of jerky melodies and the intricate, glitchy ambient reminiscent of experimental techno pioneer Aphex Twin. Unusually for a sound more associated with a solitary figure standing behind a bank of synthesizers and drum machines, Redolent have a set-up more common to guitar bands. Herbert even sings, his vocals going from an almost spoken-word style to hitting the high notes with verve.

“It’s just me mashing up what I like,” Herbert says. “Young Fathers, for example. For us as a band at the moment, they are a huge deal. They are very important. Young Fathers, solo electronic artists who make really quite intricate music and Aphex Twin – they all factor in there.”

Herbert continues: “Aphex Twin is a big one. He changed the way I thought about songs. I like artists where you are like: ‘What on Earth is that?’ and then you get really into it. It’s really intricate but has that punk spirit through it. You just feel like he doesn’t care, and then you’re into it. He’s a huge influence.”

Both singles are on forthcoming EP Sgitheanach, released via Redolent’s own Aspartame imprint.

“The name is Gaelic for the Isle of Skye, and means winged, I think,” Herbert says. “It’s obviously not about Skye because there’s no lyrics on that track. I wrote it with the vibe of Skye in mind. It felt like the word suited the tone of the song.”

With another EP and an album “90% ready to go”, Redolent are holding off playing live dates until the recordings are in the bag and a set can be worked on.

“Danny works at Post-Electric Studios in Leith,” says Herbert. “So we’ll probably record there. We’re just starting to demo the album now and will get it out as soon as we can.

“It’s more vocals, guitar and keys-based than the [Sgitheanach] EP. It’s more of an alternative vibe, less groovy. I’m into all different types of music, so I’m not really focused on sticking to a sound or a genre.”

The Sgitheanach EP is out via Aspartame

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