The Secret Life of the Zoo

Channel 4, 8pm

CHESTER Zoo’s penguins move into a temporary home while a new luxury one is built for them – but malaria sweeps the colony, with elder Rudd battling to beat the odds. Meanwhile, the African painted dog pups venture outside for the first time, but the runt of the litter Mosi refuses to go out into the cold, and keepers worry she may have issues with her eyesight.

Britain’s Fat Fight with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

BBC 1, 10.45pm

IN the final episode of the series, Hugh turns his attention to junk food marketing techniques and compares them to the amount that is spent on marketing for vegetables and healthy eating alternatives. Hugh also heads to the Conservative Party conference where he has been invited to speak about obesity but is frustrated in his attempts to get an audience with Jeremy Hunt.

Love In the Countryside

BBC 2, 9pm

IN the second episode, dairy farmers Pete and Ed each invite three possible suitors to join them on their farms. The women are thrown straight into farm life, and have to compete for the attention of their date. Meanwhile, 33-year-old farm contractor Paul, 39-year-old cattle and sheep farmer Richard from Dumfries and Galloway, and 59-year-old pig farmer Wendy meet a selection of applicants.

Vive La Revolution! Joan Bakewell on May ’68

BBC4, 10pm

AT the start of 1968, it may have seemed like France had escaped much of the political and social turmoil sweeping the rest of the world – General de Gaulle had been back in power for 10 years, overseeing a period of economic stability. But tensions were mounting among the country’s young people who felt their voices weren’t been heard by the paternalistic regime, and when student Daniel Cohn Bendit confronted a government minister, it sparked a chain of events that resulted in France all but closing down.