Give It A Year, STV, regions vary

JOBS aren’t always easy to come by but spare a thought for those who start up their own businesses. Every year, 30,000 start-ups fail in the UK. Is there a trick to being one of the few success stories? Well if anyone should know, it’s Baroness Karren Brady, Alan Sugar’s right-hand woman and business brain par excellence. In this new series, Brady will meet the owners of fledgling companies, at the start of their first year trading, then again 12 months later.

The Island With Bear Grylls, C4, 9pm

IN the hope of finding much-needed food, Barnes decides to risk strong currents and riptides on a journey by raft to a nearby island, as both camps remain resolved to live apart. However, driven by desperation, Barnes invites his less wealthy neighbours on the expedition. Mercedes, already struggling with hunger and exhaustion, is unable to help around camp, placing her relationship with her team-mates on a knife edge, and her shock decision to join Barnes’s voyage has disastrous consequences.

Secret Agent Selection: WW2, BBC2, 9pm

TRAINING begins in earnest for the recruits, as the students are schooled in guns, explosives and silent killing. These were among the skills that came together and helped the Special Operations Executive to pull off one of the most audacious assassinations of the Second World War, and the students need to show a calm head and killer instinct when handling real weapons. Narrated by Douglas Henshall.

Waco Inferno: The Untold Story, C5, 10pm

THE longest siege in US history didn’t happen during the Civil War, or at some frontier outpost in the Wild West – it occurred in 1993, when the Branch Davidians, a religious group led by cult leader David Koresh, opened fire on authorities attempting to raid their compound. Between February 28 and April 19 a dramatic stand-off took place, only coming to a conclusion when a fire broke out, killing 76 Branch members including Koresh. Now, 25 years on, this documentary hears from survivors in a bid to find out how Koresh went from being a born-again Christian to a “prophet”.