Britain’s Biggest Warship, BBC 2, 8pm

FILM-MAKER Chris Terrill captures an intimate and personal portrait of life on board the ultra-modern super aircraft carrier the HMS Queen Elizabeth, as its crew learns the intricacies of a warship that will revolutionise Britain’s war capabilities. In this first instalment, sailors begin to arrive at Rosyth dockyard in Fife, where the ship is still in construction but nearing completion. Captain Jerry Kyd and his 700 sailors are assembling to take the prototype warship to sea for the first time.

My Year with the Tribe, BBC 2, 9pm

THE Korowai people, who live in treehouses and use stone tools, were only discovered by the outside world in the jungles of West Papua 40 years ago. This three-part series follows writer and adventurer, Will Millard, as he visits the Korowai four times over the course of a year to investigate how they have had to adapt to the modern world. What he finds shocks and confounds him.

Ordeal by Innocence, BBC 1, 9pm

THE Argyll children are forced to relive the events of the terrible Christmas Eve when Rachel was murdered in the series finale. The siblings make a final attempt to uncover the truth about who killed her and why. However, they soon discover that everyone in the family had a potential motive for carrying out the killing. Arthur’s assertion that he is telling the truth puts his life at risk, prompting a race against time to save his life. Leo and Gwenda’s wedding, meanwhile, descends into violence as a vengeful faction plot to take the law into their own hands.