Episodes, BBC 2, 10pm

THE current fifth run of Episodes has already been confirmed as its last, despite the fact there’s still plenty of life in the story of TV writers Beverly and Sean Lincoln and their “friendship” with a fictional version of Matt LeBlanc. We’re always told we should leave people wanting more, and you get the impression that’s exactly what Episode’s writers, David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, are doing. Here, Matt’s upsurge in popularity means he can make demands of the network, so he lines up a new series. He wants Sean and Beverly to work on it, but whether they’re willing to abandon their latest project to help a man who has proved himself to be anything but reliable remains to be seen.

The City & the City, BBC 2, 9pm

COMMISSAR Gadlem advises Borlu that the case has been taken over by the Ul Qoman Militsya, but allows him to travel to Ul Qoma on an advisory basis. Borlu recommends that Corwi keep an eye on Major Syedr, the leader of extreme-right nationalist group True Citizens and a candidate in the upcoming mayoral election, believing that True Citizens was involved in Mahalia’s death and that Syedr knows more about Mahalia’s death than he’s prepared to reveal.

The Virtual Grand National 2018, ITV4, 8pm

SOME of the non-racing fans who have an annual flutter on the Grand National have their own system, whether it’s looking at the odds or just picking which name they like best. But would they be better off putting their faith in a computer? In this special, Nick Luck uses the latest CGI technology to find out where the 40 runners and riders might finish – and even stages a “champion of champions” race as Red Rum returns to take on some of his modern-day rivals.

Will & Grace, Channel 5, 10pm

THE current season, its ninth in total, reaches its conclusion tonight with a double-bill in which Grace makes the mistake of taking Will home to Schenectady as moral support ahead of a memorial birthday celebration for her late mother. It’s followed by an insight into the surprising connection made by Grace’s father and Will’s mother. Meanwhile, Jack is on the rebound and Karen must choose between husband Stan and lover Malcolm (played by Alec Baldwin).