My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me, BBC 1, 9pm

COMEDIAN Patrick Kielty has first-hand memories of The Troubles. On January 25, 1988, his father John ‘Jack’ Kielty was shot dead by the UFF – a wing of the UDA – in his home village of Dundrum. On the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, Patrick wants to find out if the historic peace deal has delivered on its pledge to create a new Northern Ireland, free of hatred. He returns to his home village then travels around the country meeting other people whose lives were shattered by the Troubles, including Richard Moore, a 10-year-old on his way home from school when he was shot and blinded by a British army officer’s rubber bullet. He also explores why Brexit has put the peace deal back in the spotlight.

The Americans, ITV4, 10pm

THE acclaimed US drama has bounced around the schedules, but hopefully the sixth and final season has found a permanent home on ITV4, especially as its tale of Soviet spies living undercover now seems timelier than ever. The current run opens in 1987, and finds Elizabeth (Keri Russell) pushed to her limits, as Philip (Matthew Rhys) receives an alarming request.

Why Do Men Earn More Than Women? , Channel 5, 10pm

ACCORDING to the ONS, women earn 14 per cent less than men, and in some industries, the gap is over 40 per cent. Businesswoman and Apprentice star Karren Brady is on a mission to find out why as she meets a woman who has worked on the shop floor of a supermarket for 16 years and is now battling her employer through the courts after discovering she was being paid significantly less than the men in the warehouse. Karren also conducts an experiment to uncover biases when hiring managers.

First Dates, Channel 4, 10pm

NEW series. The return of the dating show, with ex-husband and wife Stuart and Mandy arriving in the restaurant to offer each other moral support as they try to find love again. Mandy wants an adventurer to whisk her off her feet, and date Adam could be just the ticket. Sparks also fly as Stuart’s humour has fellow divorcee Claire in stitches. Meanwhile, 30-year-old financial manager J meets aesthetic therapist Sophie, and Nathan, 23, tries to win over Morganne, 21.