The Repair Shop, BBC 2, 6.30pm
NEW series. The return of the programme in which experts try to restore family heirlooms and treasured possessions to their former glories. Steven Fletcher tackles an intricate Boulle-work clock that hasn’t ticked for more than 15 years, soft toy restorers Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch take on a threadbare wheeled elephant, and woodwork specialist William Kirk gets to grips with a 300-year-old Georgian desk that is showing its age.

Marcella, STV, 9pm
THE detective deduces that a binder was stolen from Reg’s house when she was attacked and confronts the ageing rock star and Alan about it, suspecting it contains important information. Having escaped the killer’s prison, Adam gets a lift from an elderly couple, but his journey to safety takes a dangerous twist. Phil heads to exact his revenge on Marcella and arrives at her house – where Edward is home alone.

Armed and Deadly: Police UK, Channel 5, 10pm
BRITAIN’S armed police officers are busier than ever. But how do they make the life-changing, sometimes life-ending, decision on when to pull the trigger? And how do they deal with the consequences? For the first time, they speak openly about the operations they remember most and the decisions they made. Interviewees include Tony Long, who pulled the trigger on three different operations, but then found himself charged with murder. We also hear from the officers who tracked down and caught fugitive Raoul Moat.

Electric Dreams: Safe and Sound, Channel 4, 10pm
SMALL-town teenager Foster Lee is already gripped by social anxiety before moving to a big futuristic city. Exposed for the first time to urban society’s emphasis on security and terrorism prevention, it isn’t long before her school days are consumed by fear and paranoia; but she soon finds guidance and and companionship in the most unexpected of places.