The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, BBC 2, 8pm
NEW series. Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin return to explore more extraordinary homes around the world. In the opening episode, the pair travel to Portugal, where they come across four very different properties. First, they visit an ultramodern house located in the Portuguese Riviera, before travelling to Penela, to view a property owned by British expats Neil and Shirley. The pair then visit a house built within a pine forest near the Atlantic coast, before ending their journey around Portugal at a property hidden in the mountainous region of Peneda-Geres National Park.

Film 2018, BBC 1, 12.15am
THE death of Barry Norman last year saddened film buffs and TV viewers alike, but also may have left more than a few people wondering what had happened to the BBC’s flagship film show, which he famously hosted between 1972 and 1998, and which seems to have been shown rather sporadically over the past couple of years. Well, we can wonder no more as it is back – and just in time for the Oscars, which take place on March 4. Host Clara Amfo is joined by critics Ellen E Jones and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh to discuss the nominations.

Violent Child, Desperate Parents, Channel 5, 9pm
CHILD psychologist Laverne Antrobus has 25 years’ of experience working with difficult youngsters, and passionately believes that in such cases, you don’t just focus on the child but treat the family as a whole. She’s bringing that approach to this series, as she takes her theories out of the consulting room and into the homes of some of the UK’s most violent and challenging children. The series will also be raising questions about the age-old “nature vs nurture” debate.

Benidorm, STV, 9pm
NEW series. In the first episode, Billy and Sheron celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a holiday, but Rob’s imminent arrival with a special friend is likely to cause a family feud. Meanwhile, Sam is left in charge at the Solana, and cannot resist trying to make some extra cash by organising a raffle in Neptunes, and anticipation is in the air as Joyce and Monty’s big day arrives.