MasterChef, BBC 1, 9pm

AFTER numerous programmes offering advice to those wanting to lose weight after Christmas, it seems it’s time to put it all back on again. That’s because Monday evenings on BBC 1 are about to be dominated by culinary programmes. Classic Mary Berry gets matters under way at 8.30pm, luring in viewers for the 14th series of MasterChef. If you’re expecting the format to have been stirred up, you may be disappointed. Gregg Wallace and John Torode are in charge once again, and they’re sticking to the show’s well-worn recipe for success.

Collateral, BBC 2, 9pm

FACED with a second murder, Kip and Nathan struggle to figure out how the two killings are connected, with the senior detective convinced that MI5 is leaking information to the media. Local MP David Mars courts controversy as he rails against the press. He also takes his ex-wife Karen to task, confronting her about her addictions, while the Rev Jane Oliver gets a visit from the bishop, who warns that he can’t turn a blind eye to her love life any longer.

Marcella, STV, 9pm

IN this crime drama starring Anna Friel, Dr Fairclough tells Marcella it might be a good idea to go back to the root cause of her blackouts – Juliet’s cot death. But when she tries to relive the experience, the stress puts her in another fugue state. Meanwhile, the team is called out when the driver of a car abandons his vehicle after a fatal collision with a cyclist. Police open the car boot to discover a body surrounded by the same stuffed toys found with Leo.

The Unstoppable Flying Scotsman, Channel 5, 9pm

During its lifetime, the Flying Scotsman has broken records, travelled the world, starred in a movie and even bankrupted its owners. The most famous steam locomotive in the world returned to service in 2016 after restoration. Engineer Rob Bell presents the first half of a two-part documentary charting the engine’s history and shedding light on why it has inspired such affection.