Live Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony, BBC2, 11am
CLARE Balding presents coverage from Pyeongchang as the Winter Olympics are officially brought to a close. After 18 days of competition, the athletes gather for a celebration of the Olympic movement. The Olympic flag will be handed to over Beijing, host of the 2022 Games.

Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, BBC4, 8pm
IN October, Yo-Yo Ma announced he was stepping down from the artistic directorship of Silkroad, previously known as the Silk Road Project, and the Silkroad Ensemble. The cellist founded the international music collective, which aims to promote multicultural artistic collaboration and education, in 1998. This documentary focuses on a small group of ensemble mainstays.

Hannibal’s Elephant Army: The New Evidence, C4, 8pm
SCIENTISTS search for traces of the Carthaginian general’s third-century journey across the Alps. New evidence found in the rocky soil offers clues to the specific details of the trek. Dr Tori Herridge reveals why elephants are surprisingly good at mountain climbing, while Dr Eve MacDonald examines why Hannibal made his seemingly impossible journey.

Strike – Career of Evil, BBC1, 9pm
ROBERT Galbraith/JK Rowling’s private eye Cormoran Strike is back in a new two-part adaptation. It starts with a grisly discovery when his sidekick, Robin, opens a package to find a severed leg inside. Meanwhile, Robin’s fiancé Matthew resents the time she spends with her partner against crime.