Trans Kids: The Right Response? Tonight, STV, 8pm

IN what has been dubbed a “transgender revolution”, Britain has seen a rapid increase in the number of childhood referrals to gender identity clinics. But, while many people are pleased that attitudes are changing and that vulnerable youngsters can access more help and support than ever before, others are concerned that some of the issues around how we accommodate transgender people, particularly children, still need to be debated. In this edition of Tonight, Julie Etchingham looks at why this subject has become so controversial.

John Worboys: The Taxi Cab Rapist, STV, 9pm

JOHN Worboys is one of Britain’s most notorious sex attackers. The former cab driver was jailed indefinitely in 2009, with a minimum term of eight years, after being found guilty of one count of rape, five sexual assaults, one attempted assault and 12 drugging charges. Since his conviction, more accusers have come forward and it’s now thought that he could have assaulted more than 100 women. So, when it was announced that the parole board had decided he was fit to be released after less than 10 years, it led to a public outcry and a legal challenge. In this documentary, Susanna Reid learns more about the disturbing case.

Married at First Sight, Channel 4, 9pm

CONTINUING the social experiment in which a group of single people is assessed by a panel of experts and matched with compatible partners. They then agree to tie the knot, despite only having met for the first time on their wedding day. Police sergeant Richard and finance director Harriet are about to exchange their vows, while Benjamin and Stephanie are on honeymoon and starting to get a little closer. The couples have eight weeks to see if they have a future together.

Young Sheldon, E4, 8.30pm

IT’S a great day for fans of The Big Bang Theory, as not only does the hit sitcom return from its mid-season break at 8pm, but it’s followed by the first episode of this prequel exploring the childhood of eccentric physicist Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons, who plays the grown-up version, provides the narration, while Iain Armitage stars as the nine-year-old Sheldon.