Animals with Cameras, BBC 1, 8pm

SCOTTISH cameraman Gordon Buchanan and a team of scientists learn more about various species through the use of animal bodycams. In Namibia, they help conservationist Marlice van Vuuren find out whether the three orphaned cheetahs she has raised have developed the skills needed to hunt for themselves in the wild, with close-up footage revealing how the cats choose their prey. On Kanowna Island off the south coast of Australia, Buchanan discovers how the fur seal population manages to thrive and hunt in the surrounding shark-infested waters, and in South Africa, cameras gives an insight into the lives of wild baboons.

Trouble at the Zoo, BBC 2, 9pm

IN 2017, South Lakes Safari Zoo hit the headlines after it was revealed that almost 500 animals had died there in less than four years – in one of the more shocking details of the report, it was claimed the decomposing body of a squirrel monkey was discovered behind a radiator. As a result, the zoo’s founder David Gill was denied a new licence to run the park, prompting the staff to form a new company in an attempt to rescue the zoo. But could they really put the bad publicity behind them and make it a popular tourist destination again?

Death in Paradise, BBC 1, 9pm

THE leader of a spiritual retreat is found strangled en route to the contemplation garden, giving Jack plenty to think about as he tries to figure out which member of the group was responsible. The problem is, they were all meditating at the time of the murder, and are able to provide one another with alibis, so how could any of them be the killer? To add to the DI’s problems, he is struggling to come up with a speech to honour Commissioner Patterson at an award ceremony.

Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive, Channel 5, 9pm

NEW series. The presenter sets off on a 1500-mile journey around the Sunshine State, visiting some of its best known landmarks and sampling some of its lesser known attractions. When he first came to Florida in the 1970s, Walt Disney World was the main attraction, so he begins by returning to the theme park to see if the magic is still there.