My Millionaire Migrant Boss, Channel 4, 9pm
IT’S been claimed that many immigrants to the UK end up taking jobs that Britons don’t want, but is this work ethic the reason why they are three-times more likely to become millionaires than people born here? Liverpool-based Palestinian Marwan Koukash would seem to be proof that hard work does pay off. He arrived in 1976 with just £200 and is now a multi-millionaire with several business interests and a string of prize-winning racehorses. He wants to give something back to his adoptive country by offering four unemployed people a two-week work trial and the chance to be mentored by him. Will they rise to the challenge?

Peyton and Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue, Channel 5, 9pm
NEW series. Drawing upon her years of expertise in the field, Alex Polizzi joins forces with her brother-in-law Oliver Peyton to help save restaurant dreams that have descended into nightmares. They begin with Italian eatery Riobello, which is finding it hard to stand out from the town’s 40 other Italian concerns. Financial difficulties are driving a wedge between owners Giovani and Amanda. Convincing them to cut their enormous menu to the bone to win over the Italian community will be no mean feat.

Girlfriends, STV, 9pm
IN the final episode, Linda, Gail and Sue arrive in Spain to identify Micky’s body. Sue and Gail are shocked to learn that Linda has been keeping secrets from them about her relationship with Micky, after her confession that she wanted her husband dead. As the women go to identify the body, things take an unexpected turn, and a shocking revelation threatens to cause chaos for them all.

Frozen – From Dusk Till Dawn, Channel 5, 10pm
SHOAIB, 13, and 12-year-old Rashid are brothers from south-west Pakistan who both suffer from a mysterious condition. Every day at dusk, they gradually freeze into a state of paralysis, only regaining the power of movement when morning comes around. The siblings’ father had suggested his children got their energy from the sun, but this documentary follows the attempts to find another explanation.