BILLIE Piper says she is in a “good place” after years of feeling negative about her body and being “oversexualised” earlier in her career.

The actress, who developed an eating disorder after rising to fame at the age of 15 as a pop singer, told The Sunday Times Style magazine: “I think that’s why, for so long, my desire to hide my body in baggy clothes took hold.

“I like girl’s clothes now because I feel in a better place. The hangover from that time lasted a while but I think I’m in a good place now.”

Piper, 35, referred to the early days of her career as the “oversexualised years”.

The former Dr Who star said she is “not sure how much we have moved on” in terms of feminism.

“A lot of social media is about women looking really oversexed,” she said. “That doesn’t feel like feminism to me. Like, this whole thing of ‘I’m liberated enough to bare my arse’ doesn’t cut it with me.”