Endeavour (STV, 8pm)

WHEN it comes to prestigious drama, they don’t come much bigger than this one, thanks to the history of Inspector Morse, the hugely successful show that preceded it. The key to Endeavour’s success is Shaun Evans’s (main picture, right) ability to convince us he could be a young John Thaw, despite looking nothing like the much-missed actor. Evans is back again for a fifth series, this time consisting of six episodes. The first begins with the auction of a Faberge egg at Lonsdale College. An infamous international thief attempts to steal it and it’s up to the newly promoted Morse to find him. However, the case soon includes a murderer who shows no sign of ending his killing spree.

McMafia (BBC1, 9pm)

AFTER the shocking events in last week’s episode of the mob and international finance saga, Alex is forced to come clean and learns the dreadful price of his actions. Peace negotiations between Alex and Semiyon, and Vadim and Ilya in Istanbul, initially seem to bring matters to a close but, unbeknown to him, Alex has been betrayed yet again. Vadim considers his next move – but a decision by Dmitri looks set to endanger them all.

Maltese: The Mafia Detective (C4, 8pm)

THIS eight-part Italian crime drama is the first series to be snapped up by Walter Presents, Channel 4’s foreign import arm. Kim Rossi Stuart plays Commissario Dario Maltese, who is horrified when he returns to his Sicilian hometown for the first time in 20 years to attend his best friend’s wedding, only to witness the happy couple’s demise in a bullet-ridden attack. Despite the Mafia attention, Maltese takes on the case himself.