Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs (BBC2, 8.30pm)

PAUL Murton presents more dramatic scenery and wonderful wee stories confirming Scotland as one of the most desirable and interesting destinations on Earth. For his latest adventure he heads to the north of Sutherland. More than a billion years ago, the area was struck by a meteorite and although the wreckage of this cataclysmic event has been almost worn away by time, the rocks in the landscape still bear some traces. Murton examines these geological features as he embarks on a journey through wild countryside from the village of Lairg on Loch Shin to the small fishing port of Lochinver. To conclude his trip, he heads to the summit of Suilven, nicknamed the sugarloaf mountain.

Hard Sun (BBC1, 9.30pm)

A NIGHT jogger is murdered and brutalised in his home, and when Renko learns the victim is a man from her past, she realises his death has dire personal implications for her and Daniel. Armed with knowledge of Renko’s traumatic history, Hicks understands the significance of the man’s death, but with the government breathing down his neck to secure the Hard Sun dossier, he once again finds himself at odds with her. Meanwhile, Daniel goes on the run after inadvertently claiming the Hard Sun flashdrive.

Spiral (BBC4, 9pm)

THE sixth season of the French crime drama reaches a gripping finale as Drissa Camara is betrayed. With its numbers dangerously depleted, the detective team makes a catastrophic error that could have a shocking outcome. Eventually, the truth about Moldovan’s sideline is revealed, but will Edelman’s bluntness be enough to sway Josephine?