The Truth About Getting Fit, BBC 1, 8pm

MICHAEL Mosley and a team of scientists investigate the some of the easiest and most effective ways to get the biggest benefits of exercise. In Sheffield, the team test whether walking 10,000 steps a day is more effective than doing short 10-minute brisk walks, and in London, Michael installs a bike in an office to test whether workers can get fit by doing just two minutes of intense exercise a week. Elsewhere in the programme, Michael also joins strength experts in Glasgow to do a six-week experiment, comparing the effects of heavy and light weights for building muscle.

Wonders of the Moon, BBC 1, 9pm

EVEN though it will soon be 49 years since man first set foot on it, we haven’t lost our fascination with the moon. The programme discovers that it’s been a remarkable year for lunar activity, with the first total solar eclipse in America for nearly a century and an impressive number of supermoons. But the programme also meets some of the people whose interest in the moon goes back further than that, including Alan Bean, who was one of the astronauts who walked on it in 1969 and has found his own way to recapture that incredible experience.

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb, More4, 9pm

THIS week house-sellers Susan and Alan decide to add an en-suite to their bedroom, Sheela revamps her parent’s kitchen and Chad and Penny put the finishing touches to a half-complete bathroom.

Girlfriends, STV, 9pm

LINDA’S shock revelation leaves Gail and Sue reeling, and with the prospect of Micky’s body being found in Spain on her mind, she takes drastic action that sends her friends and family into chaos. Meanwhile, Sue’s plans for a new business venture are overshadowed when she runs into John’s wife Beth and learns that not all is well with John. Elsewhere, Sue’s son Andrew is forced to come face-to-face with his father and his family.