Vera (STV, 8pm)
THE dead body of a teenage boy is found in a reservoir near a remote rural timber town. Vera and her team discover that the boy had already been missing for three days before his death. However, the case is complicated by an apparent conspiracy of silence, as many of the townsfolk refuse to co-operate with the police. A complex web of relationships between the victim’s friends and family slowly emerges, with many dark secrets that could have driven someone to kill. Last in the series.

Machines (BBC4, 10pm)
RAHUL Jain’s debut feature film is an astonishing documentary with no voiceover, no text inserts and no musical score. It tells the tale of a textile factory in India’s Gujarat region, which supplies clothes to the West, where the workers spend 12-hour shifts earning the equivalent of £3 a day. The often soul-destroying story is told through its ecosystem of machines – massive grey steel contraptions slicing, sheeting and pleating endless supplies of fabric.

Chris Packham: In Search of the Lost Girl (BBC2, 9pm)
IN recent months Packham was the main focus of Asperger’s and Me, a brave documentary in which he discussed what it was like to have a condition on the autism spectrum. He returned in the New Year to front The Real T Rex. Now he’s back on familiar ground with the Winterwatch crew. Inspired by a photograph he took of a member of a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe 20 years ago, Packham wants to return to Sumatra, where he last saw her, to find her and learn how life has changed for her people in the decades since.