Holocaust: The Revenge Plot (C4, 9pm)
THIS documentary makes use of previously undisclosed recordings and candid interviews to tell the story of the Avengers, a secret organisation of Holocaust survivors who came up with a brutal plot in 1946 to seek vengeance on behalf of the six million Jews killed by Hitler and the Nazis. In the dying days of the Second World War, “warrior-poet” Abba Kovner felt only “an eye for an eye” could redress the balance of justice. With the help of like-minded individuals, Kovner planned to murder six million Germans by infiltrating cities and poisoning water supplies.

Spiral (BBC4, 9pm)
AS the French crime drama nears the end of its sixth series, violence flares up after a police officer shoots an unarmed man. Josephine’s sense of injustice leads her to vent her frustration in the Bodin case, while Tintin feels he is being intentionally kept in the dark. Then in the second episode, Laure and her team turn their attention to tracking down a missing teenager Maria when it becomes clear their work in gathering evidence against Drissa Camara is going nowhere fast. Meanwhile, Roban is unnerved when he is forced to testify in court in his own defence.

Darcey Bussell’s New Dance (BBC2, 10pm)
ALTHOUGH best known for her ballet skills, Bussell says she finds inspiration in all areas of the art form from around the globe. In this programme, she introduces viewers those breaking new ground, including Olivier Award-winners Blue Boy Entertainment, who have turned street dance into a theatrical experience. There’s also a chance to see Canadian collective Le Patin Libre, who are taking ice-skating to a whole new level.