Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders, More4, 9pm

THE haunting Swedish thriller based on Asa Larsson’s books continues with a two-part mystery, concluding next week. A young woman is found dead at an ice-fishing camp, on a frozen lake, her body riddled with evidence of torture. The police search to discover her identity and why she was murdered leads them into a tangled web of local mining companies with foreign financiers.

Will & Grace, Channel 5, 10pm JACK and Will are busy explaining what a “platinum-star gay” is to Grace when there is a knock at the door. It’s a young boy named Skip. “I’m your grandson!” he says, excitedly. After Jack has recovered from the shock, he receives an explanation. His son Elliot (Michael Angarano) and family are in New York for a visit, and young Skip wanted to meet Grandpa Jack. Jack had become estranged from Elliot after he married a right-wing conservative and moved to the Bible Belt. It doesn’t take a finely tuned gaydar to spot that Skip is “family” in more ways than one.

Costa Del Celebrity, Channel 5, 8pm

OUR famous five spend the final days of their Spanish adventure helping out at a family-run vineyard during the last day of the grape harvest. Christine Hamilton and Anne Diamond have a tough task of picking the grapes in the sweltering heat while Ainsley Harriott, Vicki Michelle and Nick Owen crush the fruit with their feet. They are rewarded with a glass of vino and an authentic Spanish dish called arroz en costra (meaning rice with crust) cooked by Ainsley and their hosts.

Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens, BBC 2, 9pm

PART two of two. In Turkey, Monty is dazzled by a display of the Ottoman Empire’s favourite flower – the tulip – and learns of its sacred significance. At Topkapi Palace, in Istanbul, he learns how this was extended to all plants and landscapes in a way that created gardens that rejoiced in nature.