Big Cats, BBC 1, 8pm

THE final documentary focuses on the scientists who are studying wild cats in more detail than ever before – and the groundbreaking discoveries they are making. Professor Alan Wilson has been researching the cheetah, using hi-tech collars to rewrite what is understood about the fastest animal on land, revealing that its speed is not its greatest weapon. There is also a look at cat conservation, with stories including that of the Iberian lynx.

The Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure, BBC 2, 8pm

SI King and Dave Myers explore the culinary delights of Provence in southern France. Starting out in Marseille, they meet a Moroccan woman who runs a welcome centre where immigrants can eat together and who makes a fish stew to die for. Travelling west, they learn about the culinary influence of the Romans who conquered Europe 2000 years ago, try a breakfast of pastry filled with spicy octopus, and dine with a Catalan farmer and his family on a regional speciality of barbecued snails.

Transformation Street, STV, 9pm

ONE of the subjects in the final episode is 45-year-old care worker Jessie-Renne who is awaiting her genital surgery on the NHS. Today she has come to the clinic to see practice nurse Natalie. Jessie has been living as a woman for three years, but as a man, she was in relationships with women and married twice. Jessie’s conflict with her gender led to a suicide attempt and in the end she decided to come out as female.

Death in Paradise, BBC 1, 9pm

DI Mooney and the team become embroiled in the mysterious world of faith healing when a blind woman dies while being treated by renowned healer Steadman King. When it turns out the victim was poisoned, all eyes turn to Steadman and his cup of holy water. But how could the prime suspect have carried out the deed in front of an audience without anyone noticing?