WHO is reading this as I write my email on the laptop? Might it be TikTok? Is that my alarm clock ringing? In his far-sighted article, “Indy Scotland should safeguard citizen’s data rights on social media” (Mar 18), Pat Kane suggest it might be.

Are you on a diet of “cookies” as you ask the latest app a question? It took human intelligence many million years to reach the present era of quantum computing and so-called artificial intelligence. This latest manipulation of information is in the hands of the “big money boys” and political influence.

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From throwing stones to nuclear bombs, we humans have upgraded our understanding of what makes for the domination of other people by trial and error. It may only take ten years before AI learns by its mistakes and gains the latest means of control. Might it prove our biggest mistake so far and put the boot on the other foot?

Iain R Thomson