THESE days, is it the case that GPs only visit yer hame tae pronounce ye deid?

It’s like trying to break through a Star Trek force field to even speak to one on the phone. Surely being told by a practice receptionist that a doctor will call you in three days, as has happened to me, is wrong as they don’t have medical qualifications. As a patient, you could be shoving up the daisies at that rate.

GPs can pick up on lots of signs of different health issues by actually seeing their patients in the flesh at the surgery and not just making hasty decisions over the phone.

A practice with seven doctors, two nurses and 14 administrative staff and yet they do everything in their power to avoid seeing you in person.

There is always time to send out texts though, telling you not to call them unless it’s an emergency, or in an emergency to call 999/111 just don’t call the surgery!

I always believed that it was a human right to see a GP!

Very scary and uncaring times we are now living in, and especially if you’re in your senior years when you are most likely to need to see a GP more often.

Will the situation ever change? Sadly, I very much doubt it.

Anne Smart