THE Queen’s funeral, and the lead-up to it, is just the start of the propagandising.

We’ve got many more months of royal fetish and sycophancy to go before the Coronation of the new King. Given the latter’s relative unpopularity, the cap-doffers and forelock-tuggers at the BBC and assorted press prostrators are going to be trying even harder.

It worked 25 years ago when they rehabilitated the monarchy after the death of the Queen’s (former) daughter-in-law and mother of the current heir to the throne. So why not now?

Stephen Duncan

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I WATCHED the funeral on ITV, which had mercifully little commentary. As the hearse made its journey to Windsor, still with no voiceover from ITV as it was pretty obvious what was happening, I switched to BBC to find Huw Edwards in full flow, telling us what the hearse was doing then commenting about the nice weather. He then went off-piste by opining that the crowd would still have turned out even if it had been raining. What are these people like?

Philip Maughan