NEW Prime Minister Liz Truss seems very keen on significant increases in defence spending.

Recent research by the Royal United Services Institute shows that promises she made during her leadership campaign show that her defence spending plans will cost an eyewatering £157 billion.

The Prime Minister needs to explain where she is going to find this colossal amount.

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Truss is on record as saying she does not believe in handouts but she seems happy to give a massive handout to military generals and to help boost the profits of arms dealers.

People worrying about their energy, housing and food costs will not have their life made easier by money being spent on aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons.

It seems that this country urgently needs a change in direction away from massive military spending.

Now seems the time to move in the direction of allocating serious resources to help people through the current cost-of-living crisis.

Arthur West
Scottish Peace Network, Irvine