AS the world wallows in war-mongering politics, perhaps we should prioritise our sense of values before it’s too late. “Warning of looming ‘insect apocalypse’” writes Beth Whitelaw (Feb 3). Two major factors, largely created by human activity – climate chaos and chemical pollution – are bringing to the fore a third issue which is critical to our present form of civilisation, namely the increasing loss of biodiversity.

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All life forms are entangled to a greater or lesser degree, Although not immediately obvious, a large share of world food supply is dependent on the interactions of a multitude of insects. Modern farming methods and much of our behaviour is dedicated to eliminating these so-called “pests”. When I mentioned protecting biodiversity to PM Thatcher, she snapped: “It’s not cost effective.” Does the same ignorance still exist in the minds of the handful of “money men” who run the planet?

We must hope that an “enlightened”, independent Scotland will demonstrate its concern. Common sense tells us the time scale is getting short. Biodiversity loss requires urgent action.

Iain R Thomson