THE knee-jerk reaction to the word “nuclear” in the Scottish Government seems to be an instantaneous, unthinking “NO”, judging by the reports on rejection of the possible nuclear fusion plant at the Hunterston site.

Have they no scientific advisors?

A FUSION plant is completely different from the current generation of nuclear FISSION plants, in being completely safe. There are no long-life radioactive waste products and the tiny amount of very low-level radiation waste produced can safely be stored on site for a few years until it naturally loses its radioactivity.

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There is absolutely no risk of meltdown, explosion or similar catastrophe because if the fusion reaction is interrupted, the plant simply switches off.

It will be many years before such a plant can be built, but to deny Scotland participation in the scientific research and high technology required is a dereliction of duty and leaves the SNP open to accusations of scientific illiteracy.

James Duncan

MY late husband was involved in energy generation for 30 years and he always said more should have been done with pumped storage hydro, like Cruachan, and less emphasis on wind farms. Admittedly he was in favour of nuclear power, as he said that the lights are going to go out if we don’t keep nuclear. I do not agree with nuclear as the waste has to be buried for thousands of years, and if is buried in a place that could be subject to earthquakes that would be too dangerous.

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As many of us as possible should take part in our local SNP branch activities, as we all need to use our particular talents to solve the problem of energy, and indeed all the problems facing an independent Scotland. We must not leave it to a centralised Scottish government in Edinburgh. All centralised governments take too much power into their own hands, and Citizens’ Assemblies are the answer, in my opinion. In addition, there should be greater co-operation with all the environmental/conservation organisations and government.

Margaret Forbes