IF the nightclub shots on TV news are of people using their common sense, what would it have been like if they had not?

Nadhim Zahawi says that proof of vaccination will be required by the end of September when all clubbers should be fully vaccinated. By then the original horse will have bolted into the far distance trailed by several generations of descendants.

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How many cases of Covid may spread from a single infectious night-clubber between Freedom Day and when checks begin ten weeks later, given that the incubation period is about a week and the current R number around 1.3?

Why only night clubs? Are people without masks and distancing not infectious on trains, in shops etc?

Let us hope that the Scottish Government’s advisors can estimate the overall effect of Freedom Day in England so that the Scottish Government can make logical, science-based decisions on easing lockdown.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry