I ENJOYED reading Michael Penman’s review of Outlaw King in the first issue of the Sunday National (September 9). However, near the start of the article he briefly describes the many battles, campaigns and political events that took place after the success of Bannockburn before, as he concludes, “the Scots were able to wrest their independence from England”.

To me and possibly to other readers, this seems to imply that Scotland was merely a colony or province of England that was attempting to gain its independence.

I have gathered, from many books and articles read over the years, that the conflict between Scotland and England during the latter part of the 13th century and the first few decades of the 14th century was a desperate battle by the small, established and independent state of Scotland to retain its independence against a much larger and more powerful aggressor intent on conquest and assimilation by military means.

Over the centuries many colonies of the British Empire have achieved independence from the “mother country”. The “American War of Independence” for example, in the 18th century, was a struggle by the 13 American colonies to achieve independence. Medieval Scotland’s situation was different, we were already independent!

Perhaps from now on we should stop referring to “Scotland’s Wars of Independence” and instead use the more accurate “Scotland’s Wars to Retain its Independence”.

Alex Henderson

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WEE Ginger Dug! I love your writings and agree with most of what you say but for the sake of Salmond, STOP referring the “The Birth of an Independent Scotland” (Brits don’t want to listen to Scots voices? You don’t say, September 8).

There is no “birth”. Scotland is an ancient and noble nation. This shall be the RESUMPTION of independence by ending the rule of Westminster regimes.

RJ Bulloch

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CONGRATULATIONS on the Sunday National. I welcome a film about Robert The Bruce (Bruce almighty, September 9). Probably, as with Braveheart, there will be criticisms relating to historical accuracy.

So far as I know, no film relating to Scotland has been as wildly historically inaccurate as William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth – which the Anglo-British establishment would like us to accept as history.

If Macbeth killed Duncan it was in battle. He reigned, largely well and peacefully, for 17 years. And his wife Gruoch was quite unlike Lady MacBeth!

David Stevenson

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“DON’T try to save Scotland from Brexit by playing the indyref2 card”, Mr W Rennie demands. The Scottish LibDems roar their demands that the indyref2 card must be taken off the table, declaring that they will not support any Scottish Government Budget if the people of Scotland are to be offered the only democratic means of remaining in the EU.

Instead, carefully crafted proposals to form a new nearly Tory Party are being developed, largely based upon what’s left of the LibDems after their previous dalliance with the Tory party, and the champagne socialists of Labour, who unsurprisingly do not envisage a promising career for themselves in a party led by Mr J Corbyn. Perhaps it could be called the “Really United Moderate Party” or the “Rump”, or even the “UKRump”.

However, the real reason for no Budget support unless indyref2 is taken off the table is perhaps to constrain any LibDem MSPs who may seek to repeat their behaviour of last year and vote for the Budget in the interests of their constituents.

Meanwhile, self-confessed lying LibDem MP Mr A M Carmichael really must feel so aggrieved seeing the lead Brexiteer Mr Boris de Pfeffel Pickaninny Watermelon Letterbox Philanderer Johnson go seemingly scot free after demonstrating both personal and political cheating, in addition to his earlier incompetence with the Iranian Government, and others.

The people of Scotland have voted to remain in the EU decisively. They have been cheated by the UK parties, and are now wholly reliant upon the SNP and Green Party to deliver this mandate from the people of Scotland. Indyref2 really is a given, and a democratic necessity for Scotland.

As for the UK as a whole, the digging for Brexit needs to stop, and pretending that this dog’s vomit of foolishness was what was voted for has no credence any more. The UK Government has had two years of non-negotiation, with hard red lines curtailing even the agenda for leaving, and has shown itself to be technically not competent, self-serving, and fundamentally dishonest.

So, it’s no to the “UK Really United Moderate Party” – supporting tuition fees, NHS marketplace, rape clauses, prescription fees, Trident, and wars in Iraq etc – and yes to indyref2 for none of the above, the EU and a fair society in Scotland.

Stephen Tingle
Greater Glasgow

PLEASE put my mind at rest? Can a constitutional expert tell me if we need Westminster’s consent to hold a referendum on Scottish independence? Is there an existing mandate to hold one?

Richard Crook

THE PHRASE no-brainer seems sadly apt in judging the worth to Scotland of Mr Fluffy Mundell, the titular Secretary of State FOR Scotland. So what?

So how about eight little words to all of Scotland’s voters: Welcome to your TORY bed or to victor-ee.

With apologies of course to our national bard.

Jack Newbigging