KEVIN McKenna’s article (How to get an MoD job, The National, August 15) suggests that the process is biased in favour of protestants, Rangers supporters, freemasons, etc. I know the article was written in a supposedly humorous manner but Mr McKenna has previous in this area and I suspect he does actually believe it.

Whilst I have never worked for the MoD, I have worked in an industry where MoD-level security clearance was required. I can say with some confidence that race, religion or which football team you supported, played no part in the process.

If Chris McEleny has been discriminated against by having his security clearance revoked then that is a serious matter. It doesn’t deserve to be trivialised.

Incidentally, I have heard The Wild Rover, Jug of Punch and other Clancy Brothers songs sung at masonic functions – and being received enthusiastically.

Any laughter generated by the article will probably be directed at Kevin McKenna.
Douglas Morton