THOSE in Scotland who do not want Scotland in the EU have points to make.

However, some say there should be no second EU referendum. Well that works both ways, as some are saying there should be no second independence referendum.

Scotland voted Remain by a considerable margin and I doubt if that has changed much, so another vote may just reinforce that opinion.

The thing about referendums in general is that they are a snapshot of feelings at the time, but people do change their minds on issues. They usually require yes/no answers when sometimes the truth is somewhere in the middle.

These islands are a mess just now and the only person talking sense in my humble opinion is Nicola Sturgeon. I have found EU membership an enlightening and positive experience and am sad that leaving is kicking up a lot of uncertainty and in some cases outright dislike of our brothers and sisters in Europe.

Due to being part of this unholy Union of 300 years, the majority Scottish opinion was thrown to the winds and now we face a threat to the existence of our parliament.

Bryan Auchterlonie