IT was almost inevitable given the success of the Yes summer surge but the All Under One Banner march organisers have become the target of pathetic sabotage attempts by unknown Unionist trolls.

Fresh from the success of the latest march and rally for independence in Inverness, which attracted a five-figure number to the capital of the Highlands, AUOB has been dogged by impostors on Facebook claiming that the next event is on August 25 in Dundee – the real date, as National readers will be aware, is on August 18.

The impostors have also claimed to be offering genuine All Under One Banner merchandise – a nasty ruse aimed at harming the reputation of the volunteer activists who have organised four marches already this year.

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A spokesman for AUOB said: “Can we give a wee word of warning about misinformation which the Unionists tried to use in Inverness.

“They put out posts of official posters which had details of changes on them and use cloned local accounts to make them look genuine.

“They have also set up a bogus Facebook page where they are selling fake merchandise that you will never receive, with the aim of discrediting AUOB.

“There is only one place to get information. If there have been any changes or you see something somewhere please double check it with the official event page.

“If its not on there then it’s just not true.”

AUOB are ploughing on with the Dundee march which has been approved by the City Council with a route agreed with local police who say they estimate at least 20,000 people will attend.

The organiser are hoping for a bit more. A spokesman for AUOB said: “Following on from the recently successful largest political event ever held in the Highlands, the All Under One Banner phenomenon moves on to the penultimate leg of our 2018 Summer of Independence marches when we visit the East Coast’s Yes city.

“In Dundee we expect up to 30,000 indy supporters to join the march for Scotland’s freedom.

“As Dundee has grown out of the jute mills to become a modern international award-winning city so the Yes movement has emerged from the dark moments of 2014 to spread a message of hope and family to people all over Scotland.

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“All Under One Banner’s umbrella movement ensures a continuity from event to event whilst ensuring that each city’s events have significant involvement from indy-supporting locals who are best placed to help us make boots on the ground decisions and to make each individual event a spectacle in its own right.

“The march will start at Baxter Park leaving through the gates at the south west at 12.45 prompt and ending at Magdalen Green, passing through Nethergate.”

The AUOB Dundee march will take start at 12.45pm on Saturday, August 18. For information and updates visit the AUOB Facebook page