THE Yes movement’s summer surge continues apace, and we welcome the creation of a new Yes group, this time in North Berwick, East Lothian.

Yes North Berwick, the newest local group campaigning for Scottish independence, will be joined by National columnist Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp from Business for Scotland and other speakers to discuss why independence is good for Scottish business and society.

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The launch meeting starts tomorrow at 7pm in the Baptist Church Hall, 1 Victoria Road, North Berwick.

Meanwhile, Yes Aberdeen 2 is hosting Catalonia Reborn, debating questions such as, why do most people in Catalonia want independence from Spain? What is the history behind Catalonia’s struggle for independence? Has Catalonia ever been independent, and is it likely to be so again?

Yes Aberdeen 2 told us: “With the news of the no-confidence vote that saw Mariano Rajoy ousted as President, and Clara Ponsatí’s trial that has now been dropped, the events since the ‘illegal’ independence referendum have stormed our headlines.

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“Bringing clarity, insight and explanation to the political climate, both past and present in Catalonia are National columnist George Kerevan and Chris Bambery, authors of Catalonia Reborn: How Catalonia Took On the Corrupt Spanish State and the Legacy of Franco.

The venue is the Blue Lamp, 121 Gallowgate, Aberdeen. Admission for this event is free and all are welcome – for tickets, please visit the Eventbrite page.