IF I hear one more time that Scotland does four times more trade with the rUK than it does with Europe, I might explode! Trade is important, but freedom is priceless. No country which has already escaped the shackles of English colonialism has done so with the riches that Scotland now enjoys.

Brexit has still to happen but already fruit is rotting in the fields as a direct result of suicidal immigration policies. It won’t matter how good trade with rUK is if there is no fruit to export south. The same applies to the important salmon farming industry, if there are not the workers to process the catch.

Further, if the UK does seal a trade deal with the US, you can be sure that geographical indication protections will be swept away. What then for whisky, Aberdeen Angus beef, Stornoway black pudding, Harris Tweed and so many other protected Scottish products? If the rest of the UK can buy the equivalent of these goods far cheaper from abroad, then of what value is the rUK market to Scotland? Independence and an EU of 500 million buyers would look very attractive.
Richard Walthew