SO Jordan Peterson is coming to Glasgow (Controversial academic gearing up for Scotland, July 31). Having seen Peterson recently at an event in Dublin in the company of Sam Harris and Douglas Murray, I am astonished that anyone would rate the man at all.

His need to keep religion relevant seems to stem from his own desire to ape St Paul, as a born again co-founder of Christianity perhaps. In that respect he is a perfect example of someone who cannot progress as an individual but needs to identify with religious ideation to give his life meaning.

There is of course another angle to consider – could it be that peddling oneself as the prophet of the day is a good little earner?

In Dublin, Peterson relied too much on pseudo-intellectualism, in that his arguments were elaborately contrived but empty of relevance. He also indulged in far too much gesticulation of the hands and arms as if that kind of performance might lend gravity to his arguments; instead it made him resemble a smoke-and-mirrors snake oil salesman.

The fact that he is a clinical psychologist and allegedly an academic just goes to show that some people can notch up qualifications without having learned a thing en route, basically because their mindset was already in place. These are the ingredients for the worst kind of charlatan in my view.

In contrast, the rationalist Sam Harris didn’t need to indulge in elaborate gobbledygook, instead he relied on reason and common sense. As for Douglas Murray, he had few moments of note.

To sum up, I think Glasgow is way too enlightened to be beguiled by anything Jordan Peterson has to ruminate about.

L Henderson

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WHILE headlines concentrate on the catastrophic situation beckoning over Brexit, there has been an investigation into the Work and Pensions Committee at the House of Commons regarding benefits payments and its findings were less than flattering, suggesting the ill-thought-through Universal Credit is taking things back to the 1950s.

While many have enjoyed the pleasures of a summer holiday or days to the beach in our unusually hot summer, many are merely existing from day to day, visiting food banks (thankfully run by an army of volunteers) yet the Conservative government continue to display arrogance regarding their failed welfare changes and especially the introduction and roll-out of Universal Credit.

Brexit, no matter deal or no deal, will have profound and long-lasting consequences for us all, but while the headlines concentrate on Brexit many vulnerable and needy are slipping through the welfare security net, and are being disregarded by the Westminster Conservative Government. The Scottish Government have spent £164.8 million in crisis loans over the past five years helping in excess of 300,000, what a pity the Westminster Government does not operate under the same moral ethos of dignity and respect as the Scottish Government when it comes to welfare.

Catriona C Clark